Hospital Electronic Whiteboards with Care Command Center

With Care Command Center you can easily provide patients, family, and staff with real-time status screens wherever needed.

The Care Command Center gives healthcare institutions the missing operational tool. Build on the value of your EMR with tools focused on collaboration Care Command Center easily integrates with your existing systems to facilitate a collaborative environment focused on efficiency, experience, and quality. Patient flow is about building awareness, not only of what is going now, but what’s coming next. Care Command Center gives everyone in the care continuum the information they need to orient and act.

In Public Spaces


Clinician facing boards build awareness and orient clinicians around the patient's flow


Patients and their loved ones get real-time awareness with a HIPAA compliant waiting room whiteboard.

Mission Control for Your Busiest Departments

Replace Grease Boards

The missing operational tools for individuals. Connect grease board information to everyone and analyze the data captured

Real Time Process Management

Faster and more operational focused than your scheduling.

Event Based Messaging

Individuals are alerted when changes to their day are made.

See How It Works

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